Thursday, May 19, 2011


Its been about a week since my last post and I am sorry. After they deleted the blog I was very discouraged. But I am back now. I made some cake pops for Smiles Headstart Graduation tomorrow. Of course after I bought the ingredients, and had the cake balls made waiting in the refridgerator I recieved a note from the school asking for non-dessert items. Oops. THEY ARE GETTING CAKE POPS. SORRY!!

My Hubby and I are taking the kids to my grandmas on Saturday and she is going to keep them for a  few weeks so that we can do some work to the house. I am sad that they wont be here but also excited to get things done that I really can't do with them here.

We are going to pick them up the weekend before fathers day because Smiles is wanting to participate in our county's Little Miss pageant. So we are going to let her participate She is so excited

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