Friday, August 19, 2011

Adding to my list of healthy habits I need help with.

When I created this blog it was mainly for me to talk about my trials and triumphs on my journey to become healthy both spiritually and physically. But I feel a need to add to that list and it is really important I also need help becoming Financially healthy.
Recently Nick's work has been really slow I don't mean just losing a few hours here and there. But I am talking about having a week off work at least once a month. This has been a real struggle for us since we used all of our savings before we moved here trying to keep our house from going into foreclosure. Unfortunately that didn't happen we lost our house in April 2010. Ever since we have been unable to rebuild our savings and have been living paycheck to paycheck.
Fortunately it looks like things are picking up, and there is even talk that they are closing one of their plants on the East or West coast and moving all of their work to the facility here.
So I hope my followers can give me hints and tips that I can use on my journey to become financially fit.!!!

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